Multiplier Event – Germany

On the 6thth of October Hochschule Wismar organized the online multiplier event for the dissemination of the #Not Me project results. At the face to face event 50 participants took part.

The Multiplier Event started with planning the Agenda. The Agenda was prepared in cooperation with the project coordinator Demetrius from Romania. The Agenda included the presentations of

-the financing authority, 

– Erasmus+ program and opportunities; 

-the project description: details about the project (objectives, results, activities, target groups, the found obtained, partner organisationsetc); 

-the planned activities, 

-presentation of all the project results: Assessment scale for measuring gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault, Training package (curriculum, training materials, methodology) for youth workers, counselors, trainers, volunteers working with young people “How to say no! Prevent gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault!“ , Online course for the young employees “Sexual harassment at work place“, Guidelines for representatives of employers “Prevent sexual harassment at work“; 

-other project outcomes, 

-the impact on the target groups, employers and stakeholders, 

-the lessons learned

– experience and testimonies of project participants and from the participants to the short-term joint staff training event and local pilot training session; as well as its importance for HSW for youth, the local and national youth organizations, education and training providers.

-ways of further using project outcomes and results.

Together with the preparation of the Agenda, the potential participants for the Multiplier Event were invited. 

It should be pointed that the participants were young people aged 18-30 young employees, youth workers, trainers, counsellors, volunteers, stakeholders, other professionals interested. Further on, the most of the participants belonged to disadvantaged groups, e.g. some of the participants had an immigrant background. The Multiplier Event was especially interesting for these participants as they could learn some cross-cultural views and experiences in regard to gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The list of participants for the Multiplier Event (face to face) even includes some foreign participants representing Italy, Latvia, and Ukraine.

All the participants represent different companies. However, some of the participants rejected to disclose a company they work for. These participants based their opinion on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union. They also commented that the companies they work for might be changed. Some of the participants presented themselves as volunteers. Therefore, from their point of view, the company name and address were not so important to be shown in the list of participants. Despite that all the participants provided the Multiplier Event organiser with their private email addresses for contact if necessary. 

The Multiplier Events applied the interactive methodology. This helped organize fruitful discussions on the project topic and about project results. The discussions were organized in small groups of 4-5 participants with different role models. All the opinions were presented, discussed and accepted in a friendly manner. 

Participants received participation certificates. The participants also were provided with online and materials for project dissemination.

For the evaluation of new knowledge received during the Multiplier Event, the online survey Plicker was used. The participants could immediately see the results of the whole group. The results were shortly discussed. The discussion was continued during the evening continuation of the Multiplier Event organisedn a non-formal style. The online surveys showed that the participants’ knowledge increased after their participation in the Multiplier Event.

Participants’ satisfaction with the Multiplier Event was evaluated with the use of the observation method. The focus of observation was on participants’ active listening to the presentations of the project and its results, their active participation in discussions, role model activities, and other types of activities. The observations revealed that the participants were satisfied with the Multiplier Event content and organisational aspects.

Semi-structured interviews were implemented during the evening continuation of the Multiplier Event organisedin a non-formal style in order to evaluate the quality of the Multiplier Event. The participants stressed that the topics of gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault are important for young people. Specifically, they pointed that gender based discrimination is of a great significance for them as young employees. The participants would be happy to learn more about cross-cultural aspects of gender based discrimination as they represent other cultures in Germany. 

The participants were happy with receiving only the online project materials. The participants did not wish any printed materials as they are aware of the nature protection and its influence on climate change.

More examples of gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault from the cross-cultural perspectives could be discussed.

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