Month: December 2023

Multiplier Event – Lithuania

Kurybinesateitieidejos (KAI) organised multiplier events in Klaipeda Varpo gymnasium – on September 27 (for participants from Klaipeda), 2023 and in Plateliai – on 9 of October, 2023 (for participants from West and North Lithuania regions). There were 28 participants in Klaipeda and 29 participants in Plateliai. 2 KAI NGO members attending these events. There were: […]

Multiplier Event – Italy

On the 27th of October, ELA held the dissemination event for the NOTME project. The event was attended by young people aged 18-30 among young employees, youth workers, trainers, counselors and educators. They all came from different countries, due to the fact that ELA works in a very intercultural environment.  Susanna Esposito started the presentation […]