Multiplier Event – Romania

On the 7th of October Asociatia Demetrius organized the hybrid (simultaneous face to face and online) multiplier event for the dissemination of the #Not Me project results. At the virtual event 22 participants took part. The event took place via Google Meet platform.

The agenda of the event consisted in:

-presentation of Demetrius organization

-presentation of the Erasmus+ programme

-presentation of the project #Not Me (context, objectives, partners, activities, results)

-presentation of PR1 Assessment scale for measuring gender baseddiscrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault and invitation to use the scale individually or in organizational settings

-presentation of PR2 Training package (curriculum, training materials,methodology) for youth workers, counselors, trainers, volunteers working with young people “How tosay no! Prevent gender based discrimination, sexualharassment and sexual assault! “ and a demonstrative workshop consisting in relevant practical activities selected from the course so that to produce awareness on the topic and its importance

-some testimonies from participants to the short-term joint staff training event in Bologna and from the local pilot training session have also beenmentioned to participants

-presentation of PR3 online coursefor the young employees “Sexual harassment at work place“ and the Moodle platform where it can be accessed and of the face to face course

-presentation of PR4Guidelines for representatives ofemployers “Prevent sexual harassment at work“, of its utility for young people and companies

-other benefits of the project and lessonslearned were mentioned.

The online event was evaluated by google form and participants received the attendance certificates by e-mail.

The event was evaluated as very well organized, the topic and information presented asextremely useful, the speakers and methods chosen as very good also. Participants have been invited to download all project results from the website of the project or from the website of Asociatia Demetrius. Most participants indicated they will download and read the project results. Attendees recommended organizing more activities on the topic in the future with young people as being extremely useful.

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