Multiplier Event – Italy

On the 27th of October, ELA held the dissemination event for the NOTME project.

The event was attended by young people aged 18-30 among young employees, youth workers, trainers, counselors and educators. They all came from different countries, due to the fact that ELA works in a very intercultural environment. 

Susanna Esposito started the presentation by presenting the opportunities of Erasmus+ with a focus of KA2 projects, explaining how they work and what are the possibilities involved. 

Susanna Esposito then started presenting the project NOTME in general, the target groups involved, the aims and objectives and the topics addressed. She stressed the importance of gender based discrimination prevention and why we decided to work on that.

 Susanna then moved to present all the project results, one by one by showing the materials in PDF format, stressing the fact that they can be downloaded for free on the project website. She explained the aim of each PR and informed the audience on how the PR was reached, the people involved and the activities implemented. 

We showed the project website, especially the “result” section and the social media (IG and FB).

Lastly, we concluded the day with some activities included in the PR2: Innovative youth training package (curriculum, training contents and methodology). This was an important part of the event, since the participants had the opportunity to discuss and exchange their ideas. Many interesting discussions arose and the attendees were happy to listen and express their opinion on the topic.

Everything on the agenda was carried out both face to face and online simultaneously. An assistant took care of the connection online, making sure that the participants connected through MEET had the same opportunities to intervene and participate actively. 

We concluded the event with a Q&A session to clarify doubts and with a short debriefing on the activities implemented.

The event was not evaluated formally, however ELA carried out a non-formal evaluation which included debriefing and Q&A session. The participants reported interest in the project itself and on the materials created. Some of them also showed interest in the possibilities of creating new KA2 partnerships.

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