Multiplier Event – Lithuania

Kurybinesateitieidejos (KAI) organised multiplier events in Klaipeda Varpo gymnasium – on September 27 (for participants from Klaipeda), 2023 and in Plateliai – on 9 of October, 2023 (for participants from West and North Lithuania regions). There were 28 participants in Klaipeda and 29 participants in Plateliai. 2 KAI NGO members attending these events. There were:

1. representatives of schools administration – 9

2. teachers – 13

3. youth workers – 5

4. representatives of few Telsiai NGO and youth organizations – 8

5. Career counselors – 10

6. youth workers, working with refugees – 5

7. Volunteers, working with young peole – 7

among participants.

Lithuanian language was used during the events.

The leader of KAI Silva Blazulioniene opened event and introduced its agenda, presented #NotMe

project, idea, objectives a,ctivities and results.

LiutaurasDegesys, philosopher, pedagogue, poet discussed with participants about Sex and gender, sexual crime origins.

Gintarė Staponaitė-Dargevičienė, Psychoterapist, organized practical activities «How to Say NO» Robertas Kavolius organized practical workshops. The project results were presented from the website of the project, and participants were invited to download them any time they need to study them.

The main focus during the multiplier events was on the presentation of project’s results and explanation how it is possible to use them in work with young people.

Participants were invited to assess project results. They were asked question and offered to mark

answer on scale with the aim to evaluate the usefulness of the results of #NotMe project: Low-1, significant -2, average -3, good – 4, perfect – 5. Most of answers were “Perfect” and few were

“Good”. No recommendations were made by participants.

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