Multiplier Event – Czech Republic

Gender Studies organized the Multiplier Event  on the 13th of October with 50 face to face participants and 20 online.  Agenda included the presentations of the project, as well as the topic of the Gender base discrimination, harrassement and violence in the field of youth.  Different speakers who covered the topic were invited and who share their knowledge in the area in context in PR presented.

When presenting the project, there were stressed also:

-the financing authority,

– Erasmus+ program and opportunities;

-the project description: details about the project (objectives, results, activities, target groups, the found obtained, partner organisationsetc);

-the planned activities,

-presentation of all the project results: Assessment scale for measuring gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault, Training package (curriculum, training materials, methodology) for youth workers, counselors, trainers, volunteers working with young people “How to say no! Prevent gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault!“ , Online course for the young employees “Sexual harassment at work place“, Guidelines for representatives of employers “Prevent sexual harassment at work“;

-other project outcomes,

-the impact on the target groups, employers and stakeholders,

-the lessons learned

-ways of further using project outcomes and results.

The event was used also for getting feedback for the finalisation of PR 4 – when last changes in Czech translations were made after getting back the feedback from participants of multiplier event.

All together 53 face to face and 26 online participants took part in the Multiplier Event. The participants were recruited from the different fields across the CR: it was responsible person from HR, deans and vice-deans of the Universities, the gender focal points, the mentors, the university teachers as well as the young people aged 18-26. All this in sake of target the target group of the project (and different target group for the PR presented in multiplier event).

However the problem was, their presence during whole course of the event. Unfortunately the stakeholders who were invited are very busy people, so the online section has changed dynamically (some of them have come a bit later, some of them needed to quit from the session earlier). But during whole meeting there have been at least 21 participants connected online.

The list of participants for the Multiplier Event (face to face) even includes one name from Slovakia – the country which was not part of the project partnership, however due to the closeness of the history and language (former Czechoslovakia), it was possible to get this outreach. 

The Multiplier Events (face to face and online) applied the interactive methodology. This helped organize fruitful discussions on the project topic and about project results. The discussions were organized in some parts of the event in groups of 4-5 participants with different role models. Also there have been a plenary session in the last part of the event, where public discussion was held. For the evaluation of the Multiplier Event, 3 different evaluation methods were carried out:

For the evaluation of new knowledge received during the Multiplier Event, the discussion during the module as used. The participants could immediately see the results of the whole group. The results were shortly discussed. 

There were used also the sending of the pre-final version of the PR 4 to get the feedback from the participants on it. The feedback was low, however some of the participants get to it and send/phone a feedback. Overall they appreciate the material has been prepared and they will use it for their own purposes or on the behalf of young people they know.

Participants’ satisfaction with the Multiplier Event was evaluated with the use of the observation method and by semi-structured interviews. Semi-structured interviews were implemented after the accomplishing the event – there have been generally positive feedback to the topic and also to the outcomes presented. As the stakeholders are already experienced in this topic, they have welcome also the broadening of the subject towards the discrimination as a such as well as towards the cyber-violence as a place where the negative phenomenon occurs. 

Recommendations: more in depth time for getting shown the online course could be helpful, but as it is a long-term course, it was not in the capacity of the multiplier event.

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