#NOTME: gender based discrimination, sexual harrassment and sexual assault awareness survey

The first objectives of our project is to create an asessment algorythm that can help users identify the level of risk of sexual harassment, and what to do to prevent it. But how do we know how young people identify these risks themselves?

This is where we need your help.

If you are between the ages 18 to 30, you can be involved in our research. There are no other requirements – we want to know what you consider to be a harassment risk, and what experience you have with gender based discrimination – every voice matters!

If you want to be involved, fill out our survey: https://forms.gle/QPCg2qFiGPyUnoBu8

Other than assessing the current levels of risks and beliefs about harassment and assault, we want to help prevent it. Your experience and knowledge will help us develop innovative training courses for employees, youth workers and mentors, complete with a guide on how to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.

We want to spread awareness on what sexual harassment could look like, what is means to be discriminated based on your gender, and what is considered sexual assault. We want these cases to stop being a common occurance.

Thank you for helping us make a change.

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