Our latest interventions and publications!

In the frame of our project we were never sitting on our hands. We know how important it is to raise awareness on the topic of gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault and that is why we have been collaborating with different scholars to show our involvement and raise our voices. The result is a series of interventions at online conferences and scientific publications that we are glad to share with you.

Here you can find our scientific publications:

While here are our interventions!

  • Ahrens, A., Zascerinska, J., Macovei, I., Zascerinskis, M., Aleksejeva, A. (2022). Building an assessment algorithm for measuring young employees’ gender based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault: Literature overview. 4th Innovative Technologies and Management for Sustainability forum. Panevezys Faculty Kaunas University of Technologies. Panevezys, Lithuania. 15 September 2022.

We are very proud of these achievements, which are an added value for our project! Looking forward for more involvement.

Feel free to download the articles, watch the conferences and STAY TUNED.

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