Final Project Meeting in Iasi, Romania

As we find ourselves in the heart of August, a time often associated with summer getaways, the NOTME team instead met in the sun-soaked city of Iasi, Romania, for the conclusive TPM session of the project. This marked a pivotal moment as we mapped out the final phases of our project.

📅 🌎 On the 16th, all partners engaged in a discussion centered around the upcoming autumn’s multiplier events. These gatherings will take place in all partners’ locations (Iasi, Prague, Wismar, Klaipeda, and Bologna) and serve as platforms to disseminate the fruits of our collective work over the past two years, reaching both the youth, stakeholders, and trainers involved. 👩🏻‍🏫

🌐 In the near future, all our project results will be accessible on the project website, presented in six different languages for wider accessibility.

👀 Be sure to keep an eye out for forthcoming updates concerning the multiplier events and the achievements of our project. Stay tuned! 📣

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