Closing #NOTME project

Completion of the project ,,Say NO to gender discrimination, harassment and sexual abuse! – NOT ME”

DEMETRIUS Association is glad to announce the completion of the project ,,Say NO to discrimination, harassment and sexual abuse! – NOT ME” within the framework of the Erasmus+, Strategic Partnerships for Youth, a project which was implemented with partners from Lithuania, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. The project had an implementation period of 24 months, starting on 1 November 2021.

The objective of the project was to raise awareness of the importance of the phenomenon of gender-based discrimination, harassment and sexual abuse among young people, in providing a training solution of general interest that would propose prevention methods and ways to address this phenomenon
among young people, as well as in supporting professionals working with young people
(youth workers, trainers, counsellors, mentors and volunteers) to ensure a safe environment in which they can address this sensitive topic.

The project had two target groups: on the one hand, youth workers, counsellors, trainers, mentors, volunteers working with young people, representatives of employers (mentors of young employees, supervisors, leaders), and on the other hand, young people enrolled in a study/internship programme and young employees, aged aged 18-30.

The project has contributed to raising young people’s awareness of their level of exposure to sexual harassment, the associated risks, the behaviours and appropriate prevention and response solutions by
developing an assessment tool to measure discrimination based on sexual harassment and abuse, as well as through the participation of over 380 participants in the the 5 sexual harassment prevention workshops organised in partner countries.
The project provided youth workers, trainers, counsellors, and other professionals in the field, effective skills, knowledge and tools for the prevention of gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse through developing a comprehensive, highly innovative, piloted training package
internationally piloted and locally tested in each partner country, which includes a curriculum, course materials and methodology.

20 professionals have participated in the training “How to say no! Prevent gender-based discrimination, harassment and sexual abuse!”.
The project has also raised awareness about harassment and sexual abuse in the workplace by equipping young employees aged 18-30 years old with skills and knowledge to prevent this phenomenon, to changing attitudes and responses to it, by creating an awareness-raising attractive and innovative online course ‘Sexual harassment at work’. The course aimed at raising awareness of employer representatives (as mentors, mentors and workplace mentors, internship leaders) about their responsibilities, how to act and how to support young employees in preventing sexual harassment at organisational level, through the development of a guide on the subject entitled ‘Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace’.

Dissemination activities, awareness-raising events and materials developed during the implementation of the project contributed to improving knowledge, skills and prevention strategy of young people on discrimination based on sex work. Sexual harassment and abuse, provided professionals in the field with
the skills, knowledge and competences needed to help young people in the process of prevention and contributed to informing young people in employment, but and employers about sexual harassment in the workplace and the actions that can be taken.

More details about the project can be found on the website organisation, on the project’s Facebook page or at the e-mail address
mail [email protected].

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